Sunday, April 15, 2012

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Born To Be Wild Episode: Sardine Run in Moalboal Cebu

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Pescador Island is located just few miles from the coast of Cebu along Tanion Street and this is locally called Agad-Agad. Before this island became popular to marine enthusiast due to its amazing marine living organism which is different school of fish in particular, this was the source of fishing livelihood by local folks in Basdiot and some few fisherman from the town of Moalboal. 

But as discovery by tourism industry to this beautiful place, most fishermen are now complaining that almost they could not catch fish in Pescador island maybe because the habitat is been disturbed by several scuba divers visiting the place to see different school of fish.

There are several species of fish that can be found in Pescador Island to mention few like apingan, malubgas, lokihok, solid, mayamaya, sunghan, bahaulo, kotdan, kalamohoy, palata, mongit and many more that’s why no wonder that both foreign and local tourist are coming all year round to visit Moalboal and took scuba diving in Pescador island.

Now that several marine lovers have discovered how beautiful Pescador island with respect to sea creatures like school of sardines and other species of school of fish, urging that this place will be preserved and protected as this is God given wealth to the people of Cebu most particularly Moalboalanons.

Tracing back how Moalboal became popular to outside world when Fr. Francisco Silva was assigned in Moalboal as parish priest. When he renamed “Bantayan” into Panagsama beach and baptized Panagsama beach before was so beautiful and amazing, foreign tourist like Germans and Italian are slowly coming down to Moalboal. Every time a friend of him from Manila will be brought to Panagsama to see the beautiful beach. Until such time when father Silva put a rest house on a lot donated by Tapales families, 14 Italian scuba diving tourist stayed in the rest house for 2 weeks snorkeling mostly during the night because they are looking for a precious shell name "vila mare." 

As words by mouth start spreading, Moalboal became an instant tourist destination. A scuba diving instructor from Mandaue city came down to Moalboal on Maundy Thursday for snorkeling because they want to see the shark without tail as accordng to him this shark will surface in Moalboal during the holy week. 

The popularity of Moalboal is first attributed to the beautiful beach of Panagsama before then by and by scuba divers begun pouring to discover not only the beautiful under water scenery of Pescador island but also along the coast of Moalboal most particularly the coast of Basdiot, tuble & saavedra ( big sand).

For those who have not visited Moalboal, both local and foreign tourist, this is the best time to see school of sardine in Pescador island and other marine creature that worth your holiday spree.

That's why diving is More Fun in the Philippines.

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