Thursday, March 22, 2012

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Basdaku White Sand Beach in Moalboal

Basdaku, (big sand) the remaining pristine white sand in Moalboal which attract both local and foreign tourist who want to spend their holiday under sunny day, very clear water, clear visibility, clean air and friendly people. Basdaku was properly managed and protected by the local executives as they learnt a lesson from the greed of beach operator from Panagsama beach where all the white sand not even comparable to the beauty of Boracay was all washed out into the deep water when typhoon " Nitang " passed the area as greed operator place a breakwater with the intention of monopolizing the beautiful sand.

Nature is very hard to fathom as sand from Basdaku will move south during the northeast monsoon from October to early march then stuck in Panagsama and somewhere then comeback during southwest monsoon.
Photo credit: Mr. Joey Manalang

Way back long time ago, Basdaku has no potable water available and local folks have to use banca to fetch water in the town of Moalboal and good enough the suffering and aspiration for potable water has been addressed that foreign loan was granted to fund the noble project not only for the people of Basdaku (Saavedra) but the adjacent barrios (Tuble & Basdiot or well known as Panagsama)
Photo credit: Mr. Joey Manalang

Snorkeling and scuba diving as well sunbathing on the open beach at Basdaku are the most interesting feature but not limited to the beauty of scuba diving in Pescador island and snorkeling on the fish sanctuary at Talisay point in Basdiot.
Photo credit: Mr. Joey Manalang

Basdaku is very accessible to local transportation as roads are available even in the interior part of the adjoining barrios. No structures allowed on the sand to keep it clean and tidy but beach goers can bring foldable chairs for your convenience while sunbathing.
Photo credit: Mr. Joey Manalang

We the people of Moalboal are hoping that not only local tourist but foreign to come and visit Moalboal and see the beautiful sand of Basdaku, Pescador island for scuba diving as one of the best diving in the Philippines and in the world and the school of fish at basdiot fish sanctuary at Talisay point.

Mabuhay ang Moalboal.

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